Director Rob Hall Talks ‘Laid to Rest’

This past week we announced the latest feature film from Special FX guru turned Writer-Director Rob Hall (Lightning Bug) entitled Laid to Rest, which features a phenomenal cast. We caught up with Hall while he was hard at working filming his final day in Maryland, you can read all the juicy details inside.
We caught up with writer-director Rob Hall while he was hard at work in Maryland shooting the final of his second feature film, LAID TO REST. “It’s a simple story of a young girl with traumatic amnesia trying to find out who she is… wrapped up in an action oriented horror film,” Hall tells Bloody-Disgusting. “I have been playing with the idea for this film since LIGHTNING BUG, although didn’t really get a chance to work on it full tilt until last year. Thanks writer’s strike!

LAID TO REST is a terrifying story of a young girl who wakes up in a casket with a traumatic head injury and no memory of her identity. She quickly realizes she was abducted by a Deranged Serial Murderer and in an isolated rural town she must survive the night and outsmart the technologically inclined killer who is hellbent on finishing what he started.

His last film LIGHTNING BUG was a drama with a little horror elements mixed in, LAID TO REST is much different. “Night and day [difference], but a lot of people who were on set said it feels like it’s still in “the same world” as LIGHTNING BUG. That it has a similar voice, which is cool. The best way I can describe it is a serious horror film in the LIGHTNING BUG universe,” he continues, “This is a straight ahead slasher film like the 80’s flicks we know and love although not “tongue in cheek” or “torture porn”.

Bobbi Sue Luther (Killer Pad), Kevin Gage (Amusement, Lighning Bug, Chaos), Sean Whalen (Men in Black, Drive Thru), Richard Lynch (Halloween 2007), Lena Headey (The Broken), Nick Principe (The Thirst), Seri DeYoung (The Burrowers), Lucas Till (Dance of the Dead), Anthony Fitzgerald and Thomas Dekker all star in the film, which wrapped production this week. “We just wrapped Monday in Maryland. I’m exhausted but couldn’t be happier. Since we’re shooting in the digital realm, We already have a really good looking rough cut. I’m extremely pleased.

Before filmmaking, Hall started his own FX company. Almost Human is one of the biggest up and coming FX houses in Los Angeles. Being that he owns his own company, he explains that it’s pretty FX heavy. “The guys cried blood on this one. We’ve been working on stuff for the film since the holidays… it’s FX heavy for sure.” When asked about what gags we might see, Hall explained that we should have high hopes for the FX work. “You’ll have to wait and see! But I like to think I have a lower tolerance for bad effects in films than the average director so expect some cool shit.

It’s definitely too early to tell if a sequel will be made, but Hall has set the stones for more mayhem. When asked if the film was left open for sequels, he replied, “I can guarantee it.