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BD Xbox Live Leaderboards

We have had them up for a while, but I was actually kind of disappointed in the number of people on the BD Xbox Live leaderboards. We are at around 82,000 members on BD, but we don’t even have 1000 people signed up on the leaderboards. Now come on, I know more of you play video games than that! Get on there and show everyone your shit! It’s super easy to do, go to your profile and edit your details section. All the way at the bottom is where you enter your gamertag. It could take up to a day to show up on the boards.

You can check the current leaderboards HERE!. Where Disturbed_Dan is our number 1 gamerwhore, followed very closely by SwiftDeath2240 (Who actually hasn’t logged into BD since July…FAIL), and good friend of mine and of the Dead Pixels Dubbs, is rockin 3rd. We are also looking into doing the same thing with PS3 Trophies, and Steam Achievements. Post questions below, or post to tell me you signed up!



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