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Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition And DLC Info



Almost a year after Resident Evil 5 was released, you’re going to be able to get your hands on some excellent downloadable content, and the Resident Evil 5 “Gold Edition”. There will be 2 new downloadble episodes, a bunch of new costumes, and a new Mercenaries Reunion mode, that will have 8 new playable characters.

The Gold Edition will feature the full game and all downloadable content. It will all be on 1 disc for the PS3, as for the 360, the game will be on a standalone disc, and you will be given a download “token” for all the DLC. Small spoilers ahead for those who haven’t played and live under a rock, read on for more info and screens.. The first new episode will be called “Lost In Nightmares”. You will take on the roles of Jill and Chris as you only saw in the cut scenes of Resident Evil 5, as they explore Ozwell E. Spencer’s hideaway. Spencer, one of the dare I say, “masterminds” behind the Umbrella Corporation, is hiding some secrets in his creepy mansion basement. And even deeper beyond that lie more secrets in the catacombs further below.

Along with the new Lost In Nightmares will be new costumes for Sheva and Chris, so you can play through the campaign with a new set of threads. A new refresh of Mercenaries Mode, “The Mercenaries Reunion”, gives players new playable characters and weapon load outs. Each new piece of downloadable content will come with 2 new Mercenaries Mode playable Characters.

The new characters are not yet revealed but I’m knocking some ideas around in my brain. There is still nothing known about the 2nd downloadable level, but I will let you know asap.

Release schedule is as follows:

Lost In Nightmares

Mercenaries Reunion



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