B-D Blood Reports from Sundance 2004

My brother, Lil’ Disgusting, is one lucky SOB – he’s been chillin in Utah for the past few days and enjoying the greatest film festival of all time – The Sundance Film Festival. Inside you’ll find a little talk from him about his experiences from one of the biggest film festivals in the world… and don’t forget to check back later for first ever reviews from Lions Gate’s latest acquisition Saw and Christian Bale’s The Machinist. Read on for some talk.
One of the first movies Lil’ Disgusting (Jason) called in about was a film by director Shane Carruth entitled Primer. Lil’ D says this is one of the greatest movies he has ever seen, and it was filmed for under $7,000. The movie is about a group of kids who invent a time machine, that is all he gave me in his short call. The IMDB says, “Four friends/fledgling entrepreneurs, knowing that there’s something bigger and more innovative than the different error-checking devices they’ve built, wrestle over their new invention.”

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Next up, he ranted and raved about a flick entitled Zatoichi, which was directed by and stars the amazing Takeshi Kitano, whom is in everything from Battle Royale to, well, Battle Royale II. The film also stars Tadanobu Asano, who played Kakihara in Ichi the Killer. The film is a remake of an acclaimed Japanese story, which you can find all over Ebay n DVD. The movie is basically a monster action flick, with tons of awesome sword fights. He said he can’t wait to see it again.

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Last night I received phone call after phone call from my brother in extreme excitement. He had just witnessed the ultra disgusting, ultra amazing, Haute Tension (review) (Switchblade Romance). My bro said that there were some really rude and obnoxious individuals during the question and answer session after the movie. He said they were calling the film a “Dean Koontz” rip-off. My brother got pissed off and flipped out at the group of morons. He told them they were being disrespectful and that they are there to enjoy peoples movies and not be assholes about them. God bless people like my bro. Haute Tension is coming to the US in 2004 thanks to Lions Gate Films.

Read Mike’s interview with director/co-writer, Alexandre Aja and co-writer, Grégory Levasseur here. Visit the official site.

Last but not least, my brother caught the premiere of New Line Cinema’s Butterfly Effect (mini review). He said New Line Cinema is still kicking major ass, and continuing to release tremendous films. He said Butterfly was an amazing film, but the twist isnt as shocking as people have made it out to be. The film hits theaters this upcoming Friday the 23rd.

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Don’t forget that there will be reviews from Lions Gate’s latest acquisition Saw and Christian Bale’s The Machinist in the near future.

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