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Zombie Cannon Carnage

What is the one thing that the iPhone apps store has a plentiful amount of? Zombie games. However, technically you can never have too many zombie. I mean unless there is an outbreak or something. Out now from publisher AND developer Freeverse is Zombie Cannon Carnage.

In this zombie game, you fire your alien zombies into the sky and use their jetpacks to fly them in objects to destroy them and rack up points. You zombies can also lose limbs which gains you extra points, but you can also completely explode while destroying the environment around you. Head past the break for game features, and head HERE for the trailer and game page.

• Exploding Ragdoll Zombies!!
• Destructible Characters / Pee-Pee Boy, Z-Emo and Rot Bot
• Destructible Environment with Realistic Physics
• Blood, Fire, Chainsaws, Airstikes, TNT Crates + Clowns
• 11 Sick Signature Impact Trophies to Collect
• Upgradeable Zombie Cannon, Jet Pack Fuel and Armor
• Bonus Multipliers and Combo Bonuses for serious points
• Plus+ Online Leaderboards, Awards and Friends
• Insane Ragdoll Carnage / Brutal Falls, Impacts and Explosions
• Impaling!



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