Aliens Vs Predator Review - Bloody Disgusting
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Aliens Vs Predator Review



I’ve decided I’m not very good at writing reviews. I don’t use big words. I don’t like using big words. I really hate when you can tell someone used a big word in place of a much simpler small word of the same meaning, just so they can sound smarter. I also like to say awesome, amazing, and cool a lot in my reviews. I sit there and stare at Open Office for a few hours and blank out.

I like to write them like a little kid. Who will straight up tell you what was really cool, and what really sucked about a game. So if you feel like reading my 5 year old brain’s AvP review, feel free to head right on past the break. I’ll let it be known right away, I have not seen any Aliens, Predator, or Aliens Vs Predator movies. And I never played the older Aliens Vs Predator. So I have no prior experience or know how when it comes to any of this. In Aliens Vs Predator on a planet known as BG-386 there has been a colonist mining group, well mining the planet. What do they find? A very old ancient pyramid. When this is uncovered, a long ways away in space, the Predators are alerted of the discovery of their pyramid. They send over Predators to pretty much kill anyone involved so to leave the pyramid buried as they had it before. However, inside the old pyramid the Aliens wake up after centuries sealed below. I hope I got that right, I had a hard time piecing it together, I’m a big boy!

The Marine Campaign

It seems I had more problems with the Marine campaign than I didn’t, but don’t get me wrong I still had a ton of fun playing it. A couple problems I had with the Marines portion of the campaign: One, was the running. You could run about 20 feet and then your guy would get tired. But 3 seconds later you could run another 20 feet. I found it kind of unrealistic. Another thing that I didn’t like was the fact that you were a rookie. It seems like most games lately are taking the easy route in making you the rookie who doesn’t speak a word the entire game. The character T. Aquila. Ugh. Who of course goes by Tequila. She speaks perfect English, and when she says her name, she throws a Spanish accent on it. Which is just something that urks me in general. (Maria Laguerta does it in Dexter and it makes me so mad.) She is very obnoxious, and just an awful character to guide you through the game.

Let’s be honest here. Lack of diversity among human characters in games is really getting to me. I don’t understand how hard it is to even just swap heads out. In a game like this where all the marines have the same bodies and clothing, I swear I have killed that bald Marine about 10,000 times. You put so much effort into a game, can’t you diversify a little more?

You spend most of your time running around inside different bases restoring power to doors, and different areas. Despite that, the game always keeps you on your toes. Blood is almost always pumping as you are doing different things and being chased by creatures beyond this world the entire time. When your radar starts going off beep beep beep, and the dots get closer and closer, beep beep beep, and you still don’t see anything, beep beep beep, and then BAM! You’re dead. Heart attack. The best way to die.

One cool feature, but yet something else I had a problem with was your flares. You had an unlimited number of flares. You could throw a million flares without ever finding new ones. But, they burn out after about 10 seconds. What?! I know I know, once you start making a game too real blah blah blah.

The Alien Campaign

You really count on darkness as your best friend in this because if you rush out on even 2 marines you could get destroyed quickly. You can break almost any light source around you to shield you with darkness in order to perform some stealthy kills. I really love this aspect of the game because it puts you in the shoes (or talons) of the hunter instead of the hunted.

What does get SUPER annoying is the insanely repetitive talk amongst the marines. “Don’t relax just yet marines.” and “Don’t let your guard down.” will be heard hundreds of time before you just end up killing every single marine out of spite alone. The inability for the marines to notice a dead teammate and get worried boggles my mind. Or they will watch me completely destroy one of their teammates and then they will go back to walking around spewing out their repetitive phrases. One of the Marines sounds like Michael from Lost (If anyone get’s the reference), pay close attention to the voices. I can almost hear him yelling “Walt!! Waaaaalt! Don’t let your guard down Walt!”

The ability to use the X button to grab is only peppered in and not as conveniently used as I would like. Where as sometimes I would drop in perfectly on a marine, and hope the X button grab would pop but instead I get wasted. Little things like that scattered throughout a game can begin to really frustrate you.

One of my favorite things though is when you do get the X button grab right and you do a ridiculous kill. Like when you get a view from inside the Alien’s mouth and you chomp a Marine. Super gory deliciousness.

The Predator Campaign

As the Predator you spend your time searching for your fallen brothers in order to overload their wrist technology so no one can get their hands on it. Setting these wrist braces to overload cause a loud annoying noise that definitely attracts attention. So you stand your ground and fight whatever comes at you.

This was probably my favorite campaign out of the 3. There is something about being invisible and being able to lock onto enemies with a laser and blast them into bits that warms my blood. When you are the Alien it nice to be able to climb walls and ceilings and such, but it’s a bit wonky. Where as with Predator you have the ease of locking onto a location above you and super jumping up to it. Then you can lock on to an enemy and lunge at them with ease and kill them. You get a lot of cool fun stuff to defeat your enemies with that also kept this campaign fresh.

You will get the same repetitive dialogue between the marines that you got in the Alien’s campaign. And at this point you will want to stick sharp objects in your ears.

Again, another favorite here is when you get an X button grab kill. Ripping a Marine’s head off and using the retina scanners? Amazing. Or grabbing an Alien and pulling the little guy right out of it’s mouth is completely brutal and completely awesome.


The multiplayer is great. The fact that there are mixed matches where you can have Marines, Aliens, and Predators is awesome. It really keeps the multiplayer different and fun. I’m really into Infestation mode, which is basically like zombies in Halo. Everyone is a Marine, and 1 Alien is selected. Once the Alien kills a Marine, they become an Alien until the last man is killed. You can really rack up a lot of experience if you are really good at killing Aliens.

In Conclusion

I know I bitched about a lot of things in this game. But I could bitch about a lot of things in every game. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun with it. I had a great time playing the game. Most games have you just play from a Marine esq. standpoint. But being able to play as Aliens and Predator as well is great. Imagine playing Halo and getting to be a grunt. I know, that’s kind of like saying, play as a face hugger the whole game. But you get what I’m saying. If the game was all Marines, it wouldn’t be nearly as cool. There are definitely things that should be changed and improved on, but all in all this is a really fun game.

Final Score: 4/5 Skulls.


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