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Playstation Move

Yes it’s getting closer and closer to being a reality. Playstation 3 is taking it to the streets and there is to be an all out light saber wand war between the PS3 and the Wii. While all the while my Xbox 360 sits safely inside the house on top of my 360 HD DVD Player. The PSMove will launch sometime in fall; and for those like me who though the secondary controller would be the actual PS3 controller, you’re wrong.

The “Sub Controller” will be the secondary controller for the Move. However you can if you feel the need, use the PS3 controller instead. The Playstation Eye will be used as the motion detector. I really don’t need to tell you about how the thing works, and I don’t need to tell you without actually saying that it’s so much better than the Wii. I will tell you I love the color changing light sphere on the top of the controller. It does have bluetooth technology built in and rechargable batteries. Not bad, not bad at all.



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