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BioShock 2’s Online Multiplayer Is Glitching Its Way Onto My Shelf

If you read mine and Adam’s CO-OP REVIEW, you’ll already know I love BioShock 2. And I also love the multiplayer. However, in my quest for 1000 Achievement Points in BioShock 2 I find myself getting more and more frustrated with the multiplayer.

I don’t have a problem with the multiplayer itself, but with the insane glitching. I’m constantly ending up in games that are lagging terribly. Even worse, the game will freeze mid game, or even right before a games end. There is no coming back from a freeze. You have to turn your system off. Which means you lose all the experience points you worked so hard to get during the game it freezes on. I’ve lost thousands of points because of frozen games. On top of the time it takes me to restart the Xbox and get back into another game.

The multiplayer was looking to stay in my regular rotation of online multiplayer games. Alongside Halo, Gears, and Left 4 Dead. But as of right now I’m going to trudge up to level 40 so I can earn my 1000 Achievement Points, and stick this game back on the shelf until maybe I feel like playing the single player again. Or until the next DLC is released. Has anyone else been having as many problems as I? Or am I off my rocker?



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