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Zombie Driver New Slaughter Mode

If you haven’t picked up Zombie Driver, now is the time believe you me. Get the game from, gamersgate, steam, anywhere you can get it. They slashed the price in half, from $10.00 down to $5.00. AND you get the new Slaughter Mode DLC for FREE! You really can’t go wrong if you have been itching to run down some zombies.

Slaughter mode is much like a lot of survival type modes you have probably played in many other games. You have to hold out as long as possible in 1 of 5 arenas against hordes of zombies. For Steam users only there will be leaderboards and 21 new achievements to be unlocked. It is also connected to Twitter and Facebook so you can easily post and brag to friends about your awesome high scores. Screens past the break.

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