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Alive 4-ever RETURNS

The original Alive 4-ever was released last year for the iPhone and iPod touch and received great reviews and was ranked as of of the best games in the Apple App Store. So what do you do when you are one of the best? You cash in on a sequel of course! Alive 4-ever RETURNS is that sequel. But in this version they are using a better game engine, it’s got better graphics, game play, you name it.

The game is top down Smash TV style game play with newly added RPG elements for the sequel. RETURNS picks up where the original left off. “A month after the outbreak of the virus accident in Nefount City, Dr. Lederman, who is a Research Director of the pharmaceutical company, was issued a warrant for his arrest due to his involvement in the accident. His plan was to smuggle the virus sample into South America by sea, and hand it over to an unknown organization.” “The ship accidentally wrecked on a reef, and eventually sunk somewhere around California’s Marilla Island. On that same day, Greenshore City, a beachfront city with smooth sand and pristine water on Marilla Island was packed full of tourists as usual. A lifeguard didn’t pay attention and was sleeping on the job until he discovered the terrible situation, but it was too late, and the beach was quickly covered in blood! Still in a state of shock, the lifeguard didn’t see the infected person who had climbed the lifeguard tower, and the situation quickly got out of control. As one of only four survivors it is your mission to take control of the situation.”


* Fabulous Visual Effects
* RPG Elements Such As Power-Ups & Picking-Up New Skills
* 13 Amazing Skills
* 18 Disgusting Types Of Zombies
* 37 Different Kinds Of Destructive Weapons
* 4 Player Co-Op Mode!
* 36 Bonus Equipment
* 40 Stages Of Challenges
* Supersize BOSSES!
* 3 Unique Game Modes
* More Than 40 Achievements Through OpenFeint



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