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New Retro RPG! Breath Of Death VII: The Beginning

For those old skool nerds out there, I guarantee this will make your day. For fans of those old skool RPGs like the older Final Fantasy’s and Dragon Quests and so on you’re going to want to get this game. Zeboyd Games went out of their way to create a retro RPG for the Xbox Live Arcade, mainly because they love old RPGs!

The game takes place a little bit in the future where some random nation blows the world up. Well zombies an ghosts and other creatures have restarted civilization and have been living peacefully. But then real evil shows up and its up to you and your friends to save the world. In pixelated amazingness, 720p, and it’s only 80 Microsoft Space Bucks! That’s only 1 dollar! Read on for more! “We’re big fans of classic console RPGs,” said Breath of Death VII designer and programmer, Robert Boyd, “and have been disappointed that this style of games has largely left the home consoles for the portable systems in recent years. Thanks to XBox Live Indie Games, we’ve been able to bring the genre back to the big screen in all its pixelated glory. Not only that, but the game is only 80 MS points ($1 USD). That’s like eighty times cheaper than what these things cost back in the day!”

*Fast turn-based combat!
*Retro visuals reminiscent of the best of 8-bit & 16-bit RPGs!
*World map filled with several dungeons & locations to explore!
*Frequent LVing up with a deep, yet easy to understand character upgrade system!
*Special multi-character techniques & a combo count system add strategic depth to combat!



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