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Undead: The Last Refuge

Undead: The Last Refuge is a 1st person zombie shooter for the iPhone. From the video below it looks to be a stand off type game where you are sheltered and stuck fighting waves of zombies as they close in on your location. There really isn’t much story to the game besides that the apocalypse is happening and zombies are coming to eat your god damn brains.

The game is looking to be released sometime in May, head past the break for features. Features:
• Experience fear and stress in a battle for your survival.
• Enjoy being in an entirely 3D-modeled environment with impressive graphics.
• Take on the hordes of dozens of zombies coming to drink your blood. A totally new scenario for the iPhone/iPod Touch.
• Let your weapons do the talking as you drive back your assailants.
• Use OpenFeint to survive and achieve success. Beat the highest scores to become world number one.
• Challenge your friends on Facebook or Twitter by posting your highest scores.



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