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1st Dead Space 2 Trailer!

Several days ago I received something in the mail from E.A. A rorschach inkblot that looks something like the one you see in the preview window of this video below. It is covered in “alien” writing that glows in the dark and can be seen under a black light. It also came with a card that mostly spoke of patient 1544C, or Issac. There was some alien writing on it that begged to be deciphered.

After remembering seeing a chart in Dead Space that translated the alien letters into the English alphabet, I searched the interwebz with the help of my partner in Dead Pixels Podcast crime, found the chart, and deciphered the message. “The sickness is the cure! The cure is the sickness!” Still bewildered we googled a found out that something was going to happen today. And there it is above! That’s my story, and now I bow out gracefully.



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