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E3: Co-op Reveal: Some Light Gets Shed on Silent Hill 8

TJ: I have to say, I’m overly excited. Why? One of my major predictions happened. I seriously made that prediction thinking it was a longshot. But YES!!!!!

Adam: The Silent Hill series has had its ups and downs. The first three games drew critical acclaim and solidified the series as one of the great horror franchises. Then we were given The Room, a game that wasn’t even originally planned to be a Silent Hill game, that wasn’t quite as good. Since then there were equally average titles like Origins and Homecoming that while far from horrible, just didn’t pack the same disturbing punch the originals did.

That’s when Shattered Memories came along taking the series back to its twisted psychological roots, and even though it wasn’t necessarily scary (more of a point and click adventure game), it was certainly a step in the right direction. If the following updates are any indication, Vatra Games has taken the hint and is continuing along this path, bringing Silent Hill 8 back to its true home in survival horror. The Vatra Games developed next installment in Konami’s long-standing survival horror franchise has been given a very wide release window of 2011, and will be available on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. So at least with this we don’t have to waste time hoping to see the game this year, and since Dead Space 2 was also pushed into next year, 2011 is looking mighty good for horror fans right now.

TJ: I’m glad Vatra is taking a shot at the next Silent Hill game. Because while Homecoming was a great game, it could have been better. So why not give someone else a shot at it?

Adam: I am too. Homecoming was too much like Resident Evil 5, in that it took a survival horror game and tried to make it action. That rarely works, and in Homecoming’s case, it just wasn’t the right direction to take the series. But a rough release window isn’t the big news; for some time now it’s been rumored that the series would be jumping into the First Person Shooter genre, placing it next to similar games like Condemned and F.E.A.R. That rumor has been debunked, as Silent Hill 8 will be in the third person perspective. Phew. That was a close one.

TJ: Yeah seriously. I almost feel like Shattered Memories would have been good in first person. Creepy, limited ammo weapons, using the knife with the Wii remote, shaking the grabbing monsters off of you. Shattered Memories 2?

Adam: There’s still time for a Shattered Memories 2 announcement, and if such a game is unveiled it BETTER be also come to the 360’s Kinect and PS Move. There’s no reason it shouldn’t. And the FPS scare wasn’t the only worry many gamers have had with the next game as it was announced fairly recently that longtime series Composer/Producer Akira Yamaoka jumped ship to join Grasshopper Manufacture, who are currently working on an as of yet unannounced action horror title. This fear, for the most part at least, has also been quelled now that Daniel Licht is composing for the title. Licht has plenty of experience in the genre since he’s worked on Hellraiser and Children of the Corn, as well as the fantastic music in the Dexter TV series.

As for the story, you will control a prison convict Murphy Pendleton who escapes after his prison transport crashes in the secluded town of, you guessed it, Silent Hill. There are promises of “mind-bending puzzles”, “horrific creatures” (something the series has never lacked), and assorted other terrors. You will also no longer have the agility and weapon expertise of a trained Special Forces soldier. Instead, you’ll have to make do with objects you find on the ground, things like glass bottles, pipes, chairs, and the like. There’s also been a return of focus to using flashlights in order to see that thing lurking in the shadows, as well as plenty of exploration.

TJ: They have also stated that the game will have side quests for the first time ever. This could really open up the game to downloadable content, and expand the story indefinitely. I love the story idea. One of the great things about the earlier Silent Hills was that they really focused on seemly good peoples inner demons. And who has more inner AND outer demons than a prison inmate.

Adam: Just the thought of how the Other World will adapt to twist Murphy’s thoughts has me very anxious to see more updates on this game. And by far the biggest news of all is Konami claims the game will appeal to fans of the early Silent Hill games. This might not sound like much but if it proves true this could end up becoming he Silent Hill title we’ve been looking for since the third game. We won’t know for sure until we see it next year but so far the future of the series is looking a little less foggy. Sorry, I had to say it.

“We are honoring the rich history and strong following of Silent Hill, and working hard to build another unforgettable horror game that the fans truly deserve,” commented Martin Schneider, European Marketing and PR Director for Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. “Silent Hill introduces an all-new storyline and unique evolutions in gameplay, building on innovations and successes from over a decade of true survival horror and terror.”

The game as of right now is looking at a 2011 release on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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