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Asylum, Survival Horror Is Making A Comeback



Many games over the years have allowed you to roam free in some sort of run down mental asylum. With good reason. It’s probably one of the absolute, most creepiest places you could base a horror game around. So Developers Senscape have done just that. But they went as far as to make it the name of their game as well. Check out this messed up, creepy trailer below.

Players will explore the ‘Hanwell Mental Institute’. But like in every horror game, there is plenty more to the asylum than you bargained for. “We have created something very special here,” says the games author Agustín Cordes. “The decaying Hanwell institute seems to have a life of its own and was designed from the ground up after real blueprints of vintage asylums. It may be one of the largest virtual structures ever created for a game.” Well, I’m pumped. PC only, no release date yet.


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