Lil’ D Calls Bale’s ‘Machinist’ ‘”Immaculate”

One of the most anticipated movies of the year is Christian Bale and Jennifer Jason Leigh’s The Machinist, which is still awaited a US release date. The film premiered tonight at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, and my lil brother was there to witness the film in all of its glory. He said Christian Bale – whom lost an astounding 63 pounds for the role – “tore it up” as Trevor Reznik. He continued, “the his acting was perfection, as usual, just like in American Psycho.” He also exclaimed that the film was “immaculate” and that the ending was simply “amazing.” He can’t wait to get home and write up a full blown review for the film. Until then, visit the official site, where the trailer used to be, but seems to be missing now. Don’t forget, word from Lions Gate Film’s acquisition, Saw, is coming either late night tomorrow, or Tuesday Morning – and watch for full reviews later in the coming weeks.

Source: Official Site, Sundance, Jason Miska