Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Beta, Mini Review - Bloody Disgusting
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Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Beta, Mini Review



So last night I got a chance to play the Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Beta thanks to my Dead Pixels Podcast partner in crime Reset. I was a bit gun shy at 1st, but I sort of warmed up. Head past the break to find out what the hell is happening in space.

So I pick up the Playstation 3 controller and immediately forget the buttons because I haven’t held the now awkward feeling controller in a while. Playing the original Dead Space on Xbox it just feels wrong on the PS3. Lucky for me I bought Reset and I Xbox 360 shaped controllers for the PS3, so after a few horrible games Kiel switched me out. I really recommend the controllers (you can find them at best buy) for those who can’t make the switch well like me.

The beta only allows you to play one level, and one mode of multiplayer, which really makes you level bored quick. The game mode is much like Left 4 Dead 2’s, where 4 people are Issacs, and 4 people are space monsters. The Issacs have several different tasks they must complete to escape whatever level they are in. Obviously the necromorph’s are trying to stop you by ripping you to shreds.

The Necros spawn incredibly quickly so you and hopefully your friends have to stay on your toes. I forgot how to play the game at 1st which made it much much harder, but once you get the hang of it again you can get to the killing. I had a hard time dealing with the other online players on my team so I really recommend playing with a friend.

The sound is still INCREDIBLE, play it with headphones. There is too much action for you to really be scared, but who needs to be in a multiplayer game.

I don’t know as of right now what other game modes they will introduce, but I’m really pushing for a Horde/Firefight mode. I’m thinking that if they have a player vs player mode it’s going to be just a smidge better than Resident Evil 5’s. Only because you can walk while holding and using your weapons. But you walk slowly, which could make it annoying.

Controlling the Necros and fighting with them is fairly comfortable, but it feels a bit tank like. Hopefully they will fine tune it. As a Necro you can chose between a bunch of different spawn locations so you can bust out of a vent right behind Issac and cut his fucking head right off.

Like most multiplayer games now you get experience for doing a good job, and you go up levels. Bragging rights mostly. The beta at least as of right now is very limited and there isn’t much to it. I wouldn’t dare give it a solid rating because it seems nowhere near finished. But for now I’ll give it a “hmm, eh, well alright”.


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