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Zombie Racers

Get ready for an onslaught of Halloween geared games coming at you from every which way and gunning for your flesh. 1st off is Zombie Racers for your Apple devices. iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc. The game is pretty simple, you drive around splattering zombies, and killing them with fun weapons attached to your car. You can play online with a friend, which honestly looks like it will be really fun, it’s a shame I only own a 4 year old iPod. Oh, and the game soundtrack is done by a punk band. It doesn’t really sound like the game can get any better.

The game is out now for Apple devices. Head past the break for screens and game features. * Story Mode: race and kill zombies, use zombie kills to upgrade your car, come first to unlock the next track.
* Free Roaming Mode: go anywhere, use weapons on zombies and each other, compete in three new game modes, Dusk To Dawn, 666 Zombies and Every Last Drop.
* Single or 2 player Multiplayer.
* Unlock new cars and tracks.
* 10 cars, from pickups and monster 4x4s to drift cars and even a golf cart.
* 14 tracks, from a forest and a cornfield to an airport and shopping mall.
* Punk soundtrack from Bankrupt.
* OpenFeint achievements and high scores.



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