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Viva La Review Revolución!



You might have noticed we published our 1000th post today so that’s pretty fantastic, but while we’re celebrating hitting this milestone we realized just how old we’ve become. I mean, blogs come and go and sections of larger sites sometimes fade away, but we’ve been lucky enough to have found a group of people who, like ourselves, enjoy video games and because of that Dead Pixels has actually grown since its inception.

However, we refuse to rest on our laurels, and because of that we’re going to be making a few changes and additions here and there. We hope these minor adjustments will improve the quality of Dead Pixels and we also hope they will help keep the site fresh for you, our dead sexy readers. The first of these improvements will be in our reviews, so if you like to agree or disagree with our examinations of video games old and new, let’s talk about what we’re changing. The biggest change is we will no longer be handing out numerical scores in our reviews, instead we’ll rely on the content of the review to get our opinion across. In our opinion too much weight is placed on the score of the review rather than what really matters, the content. If we talk about how great a certain game is that a large majority of gamers love, then we give it a highly respectable score, even if the review is glowing most people will focus on the score. So because of this and the simple fact that numerical scores are so last month, our reviews will henceforth be void of skulls.

But worry not dear reader, we don’t plan on leaving a cliffhanger on each review. Instead, nestled comfortably at the end of each article will be The Final Word. The Final Word will be a satisfying summation of our opinions on the game so if for some reason our opinions didn’t quite make it to you in the review you can see exactly what we thought of the game at the end.

The final improvement is a little addition that will start off all future reviews, something we affectionately refer to as, (drumroll please…)The Baby Factor (patent pending). The Baby Factor is a very quick introduction of what this game is, explained by comparing it to other games. For example, The Baby Factor for a game like Blur would go something along the lines of “If Mario Kart and Gran Turismo got together to make sweet, sweet baby love Blur would be their rubber burning offspring.” Yes, it’s a little on the strange side but it’s also a way to introduce the game to those who aren’t familiar with it. It’s also eccentric, and we’re a highly eccentric bunch.

In other news we’ll soon be launching our long in development Video Game Vault, something that’s taken a great deal of time and effort to produce but when it’s up it will make finding information, screens, trailers, and anything else for the games you enjoy infinitely easier.
So whatdya think? Love it? Hate it? Is there anything else you want changed or improved upon? This is your time to let us know what you think.


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