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Headlines in Horror: Resident Evil Overload! New Dead Space 2 Trailer! Pyramid Head Invades Home!

Pack up the plastic skulls and styrofoam tombstones and make sure you’ve hidden the candy the trick or treaters didn’t manage to get their grubby little hands on because Halloween’s over. But please, don’t let the looming Christmas fever depress you. Instead why not get caught up on all the awesome (and fairly heartbreaking) headlines you might have missed.

There’s been a surprising amount of Resident Evil related headlines recently including news of Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami calling it quits and a possible reboot of the team-based Outbreak series. Of course that’s not everything that’s waiting patiently behind that little ‘Read More’ button; there’s also details on the FEAR 3 preorder bonuses, a possible reason to return Home and a fantastic new Dead Space 2 trailer. So cheer up and get your horror fix.

Resident Evil Outsourced to New Developer?

In an unexpected turn of events, SOCOM developer Slant Six might be hard at work on a Resident Evil game. Capcom likes outsourcing their games to other developers, Dead Rising for example was done by Blue Castle and the awful 3D Bionic Commando reboot was the work of the now defunct GRIN.

Kotaku was sent a document that suggests a game named, or codenamed, Resident Evil: Raccoon City is in development at the studio. The studio has been growing its team a bit this year including a desire back in March for a “Japanese translator/interpretor.” Capcom’s done this several times in the past with Dead Rising, Bionic Commando and Devil May Cry, to mixed results.

If this isn’t the sixth installment in the main series this could very well be an evolution of the Outbreak series, since this is apparently going to be a team-based game. If this is the case, which it likely is, there’s quite a bit of potential here because Slant Six has a lot of experience with team-centric games.

Shinji Mikami Takes a Bow

With Slant Six’s new team-based game and the unveiling of Damnation, there’s been an amazing amount of exciting news for Resident Evil fans lately. Sadly, not all news is good news; in a recent interview with Famitsu magazine, Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami seems to be buckling under the pressure a bit.

I can’t say I blame him as he serves as company president of his own studio (that was recently acquired by Bethesda) and he also has his directorial duties on games like Vanquish and Shadows of the Damned. On top of all that he’s juggling multiple projects at once, so it’s certainly understandable that he wants to narrow his responsibilities down a notch, but it’s still incredibly disappointing to hear the industry will soon be losing one of its premier sources for creativity.

Mikami continued to say that he wanted to give the younger developers a chance and that his last title (for now at least) where he’ll have creative control is the upcoming action/horror game Shadows of the Damned.

New Dead Space 2 Trailer Aims to Dismember Your Childhood Memories

If you thought the incredibly creepy trailer for the original game was unsettling, you’re going to love this brand new trailer for Dead Space 2. Apparently, the guys and gals at Visceral enjoy haunting our childhood memories; first it was Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, this time it’s Ring Around the Rosie, which because of the Black Plague already has disturbing connotations to it. But I’ll stop talking so you can better enjoy the trailer below.

PlayStation Home Gets A Little More Interesting

More interesting yes, but just a little. I’ve never been terribly fond of Home, having tried it a few times there just isn’t anything in it that I want to do. But wait, because now you can walk around and harass other player’s avatars as either the Nurse or Pyramid Head from Silent Hill! Still not motivation enough to boot up Home? Yeah, me too.

PlayStation Home Gets A Little More Interesting

Excited to play some F.3.A.R.? Well, lucky you! Unfortunately you won’t get any Alma action until March 22, but to tide you over until then you could always preorder the game and think about all the goodies you’ll be getting when the game releases next year.

Amazon is offering a 12-page comic book as an incentive that will serve as a prequel to the events in the game; Best Buy and GameStop are each offering exclusive weapons, the former includes something called the “Shredder” and the latter comes with Paxton Fettel’s Hammer sidearm. Exciting.



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