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Prepare for Call of Duty… IN SPACE

Earlier this year Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey, two of the key guys behind the original Dead Space, left Visceral Games to join Activision’s brand new Foster City, CA based studio, Sledgehammer Games. Well, according to Gamasutra, Sledgehammer is hard at work on a Call of Duty title that’s “set in the future” and will feature space marines.

I’m predicting a disappointing lack of vial organ-hungry aliens and strategic dismemberment in this future-set Call of Duty, but there’s still a small chance this as of yet unannounced game could be set in the horror genre. Imagine the possibilities: a horror game with Call of Duty’s pedigree and polish. Sure, there are plenty of high quality horror titles out there but I’m from the school of thought that says we could always use more. So why not hit that attractive Read More button for a full report on this series’ lustrous future? I bet it’ll be worth your while. Let’s try and put all that Inifnity Ward controversy behind us so we can better soak in how shiny the future is for the Call of Duty series. We have Black Ops, out now, that’s officially put Treyarch in the same league as its “competitor” Infinity Ward. Now we have talk of a futuristic Call of Duty that will likely fuse the series’ love of realism with bulky and excessively manly Space Marines (something I say the industry certainly doesn’t have enough of already).

What we know of this future-set Call of Duty is it’s being developed by Activision’s new Sledgehammer Games studio, it’s another first-person shooter and it’s, assuming you haven’t gleaned this already, set sometime in the future. Oh, and don’t get this title confused with the also yet to be revealed Call of Duty MMO that’s being developed by another team entirely.

So what do you think of Activision’s incredibly strong push on the Call of Duty franchise; Is a new game every year a bit much for you or is the fact that so many developers are working on different installments and spin-offs in the series keeping it from feeling stale?



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