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20 Free Playstation 3 DLC Download Codes For Dead Rising 2!



Dead Rising 2 is long out, and all 4 DLC packs have also been released. And lucky enough for you, I have 20, yes 20 codes to give away for the Playstation 3. All you have to do is a post a comment to be entered to win. Winners will be picked randomly. There are 4 different DLC packs and I have 5 codes for each. If you win you will get one picked at random. ALSO…

The contest will run for 1 week. CHECK YOUR PM BOXES when the contest is over. I have had a lot of people win actual games and they never ever respond to the PMs I leave them and I have to give away the game to someone else. So MAKEDAMNSURE you check your inboxes after the contest. Past the break for the DLC pack info. Start with the comments! Psychopath Theme Pack:
Psycho Chuck will be a zombie’s worst nightmare as his new “insane” look will make him more difficult to kill and give him a host of gruesome weapons including chainsaws, cleavers, axes and more. Zombies won’t stand a chance!

Soldier of Fortune Theme Pack
With the soldier costume, you can “Rambo out” with double ammo, increased shooting accuracy, more firepower and increased headshot accuracy. Chuck will also have a new special attack when using automatic weapons, spraying zombies with a hail of bullets.

Sports Theme Pack
For all you sports fans out there, this pack’s for you. Chuck’s damage will increase with sports-themed weapons. The new sports weapons (golf balls, basketballs, etc.) bounce more before stopping, allowing you to hit tons of zombies in one throw. Chuck also has a new charge/tackle attack for taking zombies down in the ultimate blitz!

With the Sports Theme Pack, Chuck will also earn more from gambling, gain more health while eating and drinking (especially alcoholic drinks) and not get sick from drinking too much…

Ninja Theme Pack
Ninja Chuck will have a new “stealth mode” where the zombies have to be much closer to him to detect his presence. This gives Chuck the upper hand as he is harder to grab and be taken down by hoards of the undead.

Chuck’s damage is increased with sword-type weapons (broadswords, katanas, etc.) that have new special attacks. Stackable items and throwing items (nails, plates, gems, etc.) will also do more damage and Chuck’s throwing speed is increased.


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