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Dead Meets Lead Gameplay Trailer

Just when you thought they couldn’t make any more zombie games, BAM. Dead Meets Lead is a bit different but in the end looks about the same as all the rest. 3rd person zombie shooter.

Dead Meets Lead is taking a zombie out break almost 300 years into the past to the year 1716. The El Mirando and Rugged Nest Islands were completely overtaken by the plaque. So the churches assembled a force to take care of the outbreak. While on their ships on their way to the islands, the crews are wiped out by violent storms. However, only 1 remains. The captain of the ship, and very religious plans on taking care of the abominations against god himself. You take the role of the captain and you head onto the islands to help the remaining humans from being turned themselves. You will start to unravel more and more about the plaque as you progress. Dead Meets Lead is a PC only game, set to release sometime in 2011.



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