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Casting Call: Who Should Play Claudia in Silent Hill: Revelation

Whether or not you’re a fan of the Silent Hill films, here’s your chance to give its director, Michael J. Bassett, some input regarding who you think should play the characters in the upcoming film. Bassett already took suggestions for the actresses who should portray Heather, the protagonist in Silent Hill 3 (otherwise known as the last great game in the series).

Who should play Heather is so last week, now it’s all about Claudia. Read on to see who the top contenders are and if you’re feeling particularly helpful you could always toss in your own two cents.

Looking over the contenders I’m thinking Tilda Swinton could make for a satisfyingly crazy antagonist. Swinton looks like she would cut you down without much hesitation, peering deep into your soul with those cold eyes while you slowly succumbed to death’s cold embrace. Sadly, I predict there’s zero chance of her appearing in Revelation in any capacity.

Let’s move on to an interesting choice: Donna Burke, otherwise known as the voice of Claudia in the games. She certainly looks the part and has an impressive resume, though her experience looks limited mostly to voice work for video games. I’m not sure about her acting chops but then again I can’t say I’m expecting any Oscar worthy acting from anyone in a video game adaptation.

Another of my favs would be Sarah Paulson, because I think she could play crazy well and her work in Serenity holds a very warm and cozy place in my heart. Sure her time in Serenity was limited to a few minutes but I’m sure many would agree that short amount of time remains as some of the more memorable moments in the film.

Speaking of warm and cozy, what about Chloë Sevigny? She plays the badass chick role pretty well and looks like she could break a bone or two if you pissed her off. More importantly, Chloë looks like she could lead a cult, maybe even sacrifice a small mammal (or two). She’s also proven to be a damn fine actress in films like Zodiac and Boys Don’t Cry.

Helena Bonham Carter is an excellent actress that’s shown an incredible amount of variety in the roles she’s played over the course of her career. As for taking on Claudia, her ability to let her (occasionally evil) freak flag fly in films like Alice in Wonderland and Planet of the Apes proves she would make a fine eccentric cult leader. Unfortunately, like Swinton I honestly can’t see and actress of her caliber joining the cast of Silent Hill.

There’s something you should know about me: I am, indeed, a closeted Gleek. Why am I taking the time to come clean? Well, Jessalyn plays Will’s intensely crazy wife, now ex-wife, and she even pretended to be preggers. Can you believe that? She’s also a fine actress, looks the part and her wild and somewhat crazed eyes make her look like she’s always on the verge of becoming unhinged. I don’t know about you but I definitely wouldn’t mess with her.

The best thing about Marcia Gay Harden is if you’ve seen The Mist you’re fully aware of her miraculous ability to crank up the insanity meter when she essentially formed a small cult following in the film. Sure she might be a little too… mature to play the young cult leader, but they don’t necessarily need to follow the games to the letter, or at least they tend not to with a large majority of game adaptations.

Have your own thoughts on the subject? Good, that means you have a mind of your own. Why don’t you share these gems of knowledge with us, or better yet, tell Basset yourself HERE.

UPDATE: Bassett’s no longer taking suggestions so I suppose you’ll just have to post your suggestions here.



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