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Casting Call: Who Should Play Heather in Silent Hill: Revelation

Whether or not you’re looking forward to the film, the original remains as of the few video game adaptations that stayed remarkably close to its source material. Yes, the story was outlandish and more than a little difficult to follow and the real scares were essentially nonexistent. It’s amazing recreation of the atmosphere, aided by the use of the games’ soundtracks, that made the franchise stand out was certainly one of the film’s strongest assets.

So you’ve probably decided on your top choice for Claudia in the upcoming Silent Hill: Revelation and now it’s time to pick out the ideal actress to portray arguably the most important role: Heather. This is tough as there’s no shortage of options out there but I feel I’ve trimmed the list to a select few I feel would make kickass Heathers, hopefully you’ll concur.

Alison Lohman

This is, without a doubt, my top choice for Heather since she’s proven herself to be an incredibly talented actress with experience in the genre (Sam Raimi’s incredible Drag Me to Hell), and certainly looks the part. Honestly, there’s not much more to say, but don’t let that keep you from checking out the rest of the candidates.

Ellen Page

Alright, I might’ve lied a bit because Ellen Page has everything Lohman has with the added bonus of being an incredibly diverse actress. Her work in films like Hard Candy, Juno and Inception has demonstrated her ability to fill essentially every role she’s given.

Saoirse Ronan

If anything, Saoirse’s giant blue eyes and remarkable ability to look well beyond her years should translate well to a young girl trying to escape Pyramid Head’s rapey tendencies. She’s only 16 but I’m sure she could add on two years for the role, don’t you?

AnnaSophia Robb

This is the only one I’m not entirely sure about because looking at her body of work, with the exception of The Reaping, she tends to stick pretty close to Disney roles. However, with a tiny bit of work she could definitely look the part and there’s a good chance after being in Race to Witch Mountain and a Tinker Bell flick she might be eager to do something a little more interesting.

Mia Wasikowska

Mia’s another girl that looks very much like Heather and she recently had her first major role in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, where she did an excellent job. She’s fairly new to the industry having only started in 2006 but since then Mia’s managed to go from a name no one knows to one people should watch. And for that I think she’d make for a mighty good Heather.

Dakota Fanning

For a 16 year-old Dakota has done a lot. Looking at her filmography I found myself wondering just what the fuck have I done with my life? Then I remembered I have 30 followers on Twitter and I felt alight again. Dakota has some experience with thrillers having been in Hide and Seek and War of the Worlds, both would certainly help her pull off a believable ‘girl being chased by nameless monsters’.

So that as they say, is that. Well, I’m not sure who ‘they’ is and what they meant by ‘that’, but that’s a discussion for another time. Instead why don’t you trot on over to the comments and let me know who I missed.



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