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Here’s Another Reason to Tune Into the Spike VGAs



Alright, it’s official, I will be checking out the Spike VGAs when they air on December 11th. Why? Well, there’s BioWare’s next big game that may or may not be Mass Effect 3, as well as Guillermo Del Toro’s horror collaboration with THQ, a possible major Resident Evil reveal and now this.

Lately I’ve done nothing but hype up this awards show, something I didn’t really watch until last year’s vast improvement, but Spike knows the way to gamers’ hearts is through their love of exclusives, and it’s in this regard where they seem to be kicking tons of ass. So what could this be? Let’s talk about it. Cliff Bleszinski, who no longer goes by the monicker of CliffyB but will forever hold that nickname, is going to show off some brand spanking new Gears of War gameplay that’s, in his words: “awesome” and “not what we’re expecting.” That sounds pretty damned exciting, especially since what I’ve seen of the game so far has me incredibly excited for what Epic’s doing to keep their hit shooter franchise nice and fresh.

Notice how Gears of War 3 wasn’t mentioned? That’s because this might not have anything to do with the game, in fact, it might be a completely new game in the series. We already know Gears 3 won’t have Kinect controls so perhaps Epic’s looking to jump into the limb-flailing market with a Gears title created specifically for Kinect owners? Possibly.

Sadly, we won’t know anything else until the VGAs grace our TV sets on Dec 11.


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