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Lara Croft Gets Reborn (Again) In New Tomb Raider

Rebooting an aging franchise happens a lot and sometimes to mixed results. Resident Evil 4, Fallout 3 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow are great examples of successful reboots while games like the recent 3D Bionic Commando and essentially every Sonic game since Sonic Heroes are superb examples of what not to do when revamping a series.

Of the numerous video game franchises that have had a fresh coat of paint slapped on them, Lara Croft’s tomb raiding series has had it done more times than most, and now we can add one another to the list. Unveiled in the upcoming January issue of Game Informer, Tomb Raider will seek out Lara’s origins and “takes her on a character defining journey like no other.” Head past the break to check out Lara’s snazzy new look. Their goal with this reboot is to make Lara less the dual magnum-wielding Dominatrix she’s become in the recent games and make her culturally relevant again. But worry not dear reader, as I’m sure she’ll retain most of her badassedness in this game.

In related news, is that a bow Lara’s carrying?



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