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Headlines in Horror: Dead Space 2 Demo! New Batman Arkham City Trailer! Tomb Raider Takes On Horror!

Don’t let the upcoming merry Christmas shenanigans bring you down because I’m here to spread horror cheer like Malaria! While most “normal” people are walking around spreading overrated things like charity and joy, I’ve made it my goal to use this time of year to celebrate the important things. Things like scary movies, terrifying games and Halloween decorations in lieu of the more “traditional” Christmas decor. And yes, my neighbors absolutely despise me.

So why don’t you grab a sippy cup filled with chocolate milk, take a seat and celebrate with me, because after the break we have a lot to be happy about. I don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say our favorite tomb raiding chick might be taking on the survival horror genre, and a demo for a certain strategic dismembering game will have a demo out later this month.

Dead Space 2 Demo Coming Dec 21

Okay, so I might not be the best at not giving too much away in clues, but it would seem the game’s demo will be out just in time to help me spread my holiday horror cheer. The demo will be available right before Christmas on the PS3 and Xbox 360, so no one’s left out. Well, no one that matters. Am I right? Ooo, you Wii owners are going to need some Neosporin for that burn!

From the game’s Producer, Steve Papaoutsis, “Releasing the demo five weeks before launch will not only reconnect players with our hero Isaac Clarke, but will give them the opportunity to experience first-hand various jaw-dropping scenarios.  It’s gonna be awesome.”

Awesome, you say? Like, getting shot downwards through the vast emptiness of space toward a massive space station filled with countless alien mutations whose sole purpose is to tear you apart and hang your giblets on their fireplace for an unsuspecting Santa to find? I’d say there’s little doubt at this point that Dead Space 2 will be awesome, my only worry right now is its level of scares now that I’m fairly certain the multiplayer is going to rock.

Oh, would you look at that? It just so happens while discussing the game’s level of terror on a scale of ‘basket of rabbits’ to ‘shit-your-pants’, Dead Space 2 looks to be measuring pretty damn close to the latter. EA’s John Riccitello who’s officially one of the luckiest people on the planet since he’s already played through the entire game, says the game’s pacing and action have both seen much improvement and, more importantly, it is “Scarier.”

Granted, as the head of EA this guy wants Dead Space 2 to do well so he’s likely to hype the shit out of it to help it reach the level of success this new franchise deserves, but I’m sure there’s far more to this than that.

Another Batman: Arkham City Teaser

There’s little chance this game won’t absolutely rock so here’s a brand spanking new teaser to help renew your excitement for the thrilling followup to Arkham Asylum, just don’t blink or you might miss it.

Night of the Sacrifice’s Creepy Debut Trailer

Night of the Sacrifice is a horror title for the Wii that uses its balance board, and while I’m sure I just lost roughly 80% of you, the trailer is still pretty creepy. Could the Wii be getting its first great horror game that isn’t an installment in the Resident Evil or Silent Hill franchises? One can hope.

Lara Croft Raids Survival Horror

Apparently this is old news, like over a year old news, but in my defense I was probably in the middle of something incredibly important, which is why I missed it. So around a year ago there were rumors circulating about a survival horror Lara Croft title that sprung up because of some concept art and assorted “leaked” info. The game supposedly took place on an island where Lara would have to use her badass punch-a-shark-in-the-face skills to fight the island’s uncivilized denizens.

In case you missed it, Lara’s new game is taking a brand new approach to the long-standing series and this time she might find herself in a much scarier scenario than the usual cursed ancient artifacts and annoying evil guys with bad accents.

From a recent press release regarding the upcoming game the plot is near-identical to the one from the rumored horror game a year back. In it, Ms. Croft finds herself washed ashore on an unknown island after a storm takes out her boat. We’re then asked to “forget everything we know about Tomb Raider” as her primary objective is to do everything it takes to survive. From that I’m expecting situations straight out of all those Travel Channel survival shows where we watch men pee on their shirts and wrap them around their head to keep cool or eat mutant bugs for dinner. Yes. Please.

Tomb Raider’s cover story will be out in a few days, on Dec 11, where we will be getting the rest of the story including whether or not this game will indeed be a horror game or one where we watch Lara walk alone and hungry with a urine-stained shirt wrapped around her head.

Watch Out for the Cat Lady in 2011

Well that’s definitely a headline I never thought I’d write. Cat ladies are already scary enough so I really don’t think they need to be made any scarier with their very own video game. The Cat Lady is an indie horror title that takes all the things we love about art-house and avant-garde styles and tosses it into a very unsettling game. Console gamers shouldn’t get too excited though as this is (currently) PC exclusive.

Red Faction: Origins Film Gets Delayed

Did you even know there was a Red Faction movie that was planned to air on SyFi in the near future? I didn’t. Well, obviously I do now, but I didn’t until fairly recently. Spread via Twitter, the world’s newest source for breaking news, THQ’s Danny Bilson tweeted to let everyone know about the delay.

Originally planned to begin air in March, it was pushed back a bit to release alongside Red Faction: Armageddon, the new survival horror take on the blow-shit-up series whose surprising new direction made our list of the biggest surprises of E3 earlier this year. Even more exciting than that is the fact that if it does well the made for TV movie could change the future of the franchise. Assuming Armageddon is as great as I hope it will be I certainly wouldn’t mind Red Faction staying in the horror realm for a while.

Get a Pyramid Head that Won’t Maim (or Possibly Rape) You

Oh yes sir, if I wasn’t a step away from getting my very own street corner to help pay the bills I would be all over these. Konami Style, a japan-exclusive online shop, has some spectacular resin figures of Silent Hill’s Valtiel and a rather dashing Pyramid Head. Sadly, as I said earlier these are only available on Konami Style and require a hefty amount of cash, both costing over $300. Even though a majority of us either don’t have the means to get these or cannot justify spending the money, that shouldn’t stop us from pathetically asking relatives to get them for us? It is Christmas after all, the season for giving.



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