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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Makes Tons Of Money, And Is On Course To Make Tons More

Well Call Of Duty Black Ops has officially brought in over 1 Billion dollars. That, is fucking epic. On top of that, the 1st downloadable content for the game entitles “First Strike” will be released February 1st 2011 exclusively for Xbox 360. (For Now)

The DLC will include four new multiplayer maps, including Berlin Wall, Discovery, Stadium, Kowloon, and a new zombie map called Ascension which I am most excited about. You be able to pick it up for a whopping 1200 Microsoft Money Shots. For those sad sacks who only have Xbox Silver Memberships from January 28th to January 30th they will be having an unlocked event in which EVERYONE can try out the multiplayer. So don’t forget!



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