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Sega Dreamcast Is Making A Comeback?

Dreamcast Scene was a website back in the day where you could get all the info you needed on anything Sega Dreamcast. Well, Sega fans, the site has been relaunched thanks to the help of redspotgames partnering with Dreamcast Scene to bring it back to life. The site has everything you need to know about games, hardware, it’s got reviews, interviews, tutorials and much much more.

They have also done this with the hope to get everyone playing Phanstasy Star Online again. Which was the 1st console MMO RPG. Head past the break for more. “This has been a project of the heart“, Max Scharl from redspotgames said “and had been accomplished by an international crew from North America, several European countries, and even Pakistan including the community who can participate.“

“We are grateful that we can present an exclusive feature on the first day after relaunch about how to get online with Dreamcast in 2010 and play Phantasy Star Online again“, Chris Radke, site designer “hopefully many people find their way back to Pioneer 2 and participate in battles like in the glorious old days.“

“Even with our extensive Dreamcast database, there is still quite a bit of work to do. Not all work is done yet, but soon we are going to have all articles back with major updates along with one of the largest download archives for all free and legal Dreamcast software“, Dr. Bilal Zia, Editor promised.

With any luck this will lead to more games re-releasing on XBLA and PSN, such as COUGH RESIDENT EVIL CODE VERONICA COUGH.



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