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Be Patient, the Dead Space Film Won’t Be Rushed

Speaking with the BBC, Dead Space co-creator Ian Milham discussed the planned film adaptation of the horror franchise. Historically, films based on videos games have been notorious for being absolutely horrible, I can name a few of the dozens I would even deem watchable. I’m not the only one, when news comes out that a game is getting a movie two things are certain: the film will be panned by critics and the series’ fans will be in an uproar at the blasphemous thought of one of their favorite games being raped by Hollywood.

Milham told BBC’s Newsbeat the film is still in the works and assured us it will not be rushed. According to him there’s been plenty of discussion on the topic but that they’re foal was not to disappoint fans. Take this with a grain of salt people, but it’s always nice to hear that the people responsible for the film’s direction are keeping the gamers in mind. After all, we’re the reason it’s getting a movie, right? Assuming this thing gets done, what do you want to see in it? Feel free to toss me your concerns so we can talk about them. It’ll be fun, like group therapy. Personally, I’d like to see it stay close to the game’s roots. Resident Evil strayed too far until the most recent one, Afterlife, which stole practically every interesting thing from Resident Evil 5. That and it felt like director Paul Anderson had just discovered slow-motion so he felt it needed to be in every scene. It does not.

Silent Hill’s a great example of a film adaptation not straying too far from its creative inspiration, but that lack of scares and an increasingly convoluted story kept it from becoming the movie I desperately hoped it would be.

Dead Space has the added bonus of being able to learn from what the other films did wrong and use that to be absolutely amazing. Sure, Silent Hill could’ve learned from Resident Evil and Resident Evil could’ve learned from the first three films in the series. That doesn’t mean Dead Space won’t learn from its less than warmly received siblings. If it’s even half as amazing as Dead Space 2 it’ll be a hit with the fans, and who cares about the critics? Those bitter old fogies don’t appreciate video games the way we do.

[News via BBC’s Newsbeat]



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