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Anarchy Reigns Trailer Looks Like Chainsaw Flailing Fun

Platinum Games, the team that brought us the fantastic, if not a little sexist, spectacle fighter Bayonetta as well as the more recent knee-gliding shooter Vanquish have unveiled their next game. It’s friends call it Lucy but you can call it Anarchy Reigns and it’s exciting because it’s potentially the first of its kind. Anarchy Reigns, known as Max Anarchy outside The States, is a “massively multi-player beat-em-up” that includes a familiar face for anyone who played Platinum Games’ first title, MadWorld.

In the brand spanking new trailer that you can check out past the jump you’ll see MadWorld’s Jack doing what he does best, looking like a badass as he nonchalantly waves a massive chainsaw. Not much is known about the game yet but it’s a safe bet we can expect some fresh news to come out around E3 (June 7-9).



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