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Dead Space 2 Selling Twice As Well As Original



The first game wasn’t much of a commercial success, despite near unanimous critical acclaim. It broke the million sales mark by the end of 2008 but that was far below EA’s expectations for the game. Dead Space 2 however, looks to be selling quite well (and it’s well deserved.), as the game has sold sold twice as many copies as its predecessor did in roughly the same time frame. That’s good news for horror fans since a game that manages to retain much of its roots in survival horror and be successful critically and commercially is a very good sign for the genre. Plus, it means a sequel (which was teased at the end of Dead Space 2) is almost guaranteed.

Who here is already on their second playthrough? I’m on my third, working toward getting the achievement for completing Zealot difficulty before I take a stab at Hard Core. So if you hear a loud sobbing you’ll know it’s just Dead Space taking away my will to live, but I want that foamy finger. Dead Space 2 will give me the finger.


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