After Dark Films Announces Two Original Productions

After years of releasing other company’s productions, After Dark Films has finally decided to go solo announcing their first two original features, which will both be featured in this year’s After Dark Horrofest, which will feature another “8 Films to Die For” this October or November. Read on for details on both productions. What do you guys think about After Dark’s latest maneuver?
After Dark Films is producing the first horror films set for its 8 Films to Die For theatrical film series: Faithless and Perkins’ 14.

Stewart Hopewell’s “Faithless” follows a young woman trying to escape an abusive past by moving to Atlanta, but discovers more cruelty awaits her. Craig Singer’s “Perkins’ 14,” developed from a winning idea by Jeremy Donaldson in a February pitch contest, is a killer thriller involving the arrest of a suspected murderer.

Hopewell and Tim Long are co-writing “Faithless,” with Chris Milburn, Matthew Kuipers, Aimee Barth and Eryl Cochran Woodlief producing. Lane Shadgett is scripting “Perkins’ 14,” and winning pitchmeister Donaldson, Milburn and Kuipers will produce.

After Dark’s Courtney Solomon, Laura Ivey and Stephanie Caleb will executive produce, with Beau J. Genot as co-producer on both films. The films will be shot consecutively beginning this month in Romania.

Sean Ellis’ The Broken was recently announced as another one of the three films to die for. “The Broken” is a psychological horror project, starring Lena Headey as a woman whose life descends into nightmare after she sees an apparent double of herself driving by in her own car.