Activision Cleans Up By Saying Goodbye To Guitar Hero Among Others - Bloody Disgusting
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Activision Cleans Up By Saying Goodbye To Guitar Hero Among Others



In case you live under a rock and haven’t yet heard the extra large news surrounding Activision, they decided to trim the hell out of their hedges. Cheesy analogy I know, but I can only assume there have been many more flying around the internet in relation to this news. Activision is getting smart, and decided to completely stop production on many of their once incredibly profitable games.

Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, True Crime, and Tony Hawk will not be seeing the light of day again. While it does suck to see a game like Guitar Hero, which made way for the infinitely better Rock Band go under, it’s good they are ending it now. Rather than waste millions making games that aren’t performing Activision decided to pull the plug. Past the break for more. Tony Hawk. I’m really sad to see it go. I used to spend hours and hours playing the earlier Tony Hawk games with friends. They just kept taking the games way too far and they became more and more over the top crazy. They should have kept them simple. I remember the days when the original came out and you couldn’t even do manuals. Then in the more recent games you could tear ass through grass like you were on a motor scooter and do a pogo into a handstand like it was going out of style. Too much.

Activision really has no reason to keep those games running when they have HUGE games like Call Of Duty and World Of Warcraft. Sadly with the end of these games, 500 plus jobs will also be lost.

Even more sad, for Adam Dodd, super huge Diablo III supporter, reports say it’s not in their projected games list for 2011. Keep your fingers crossed for 2012.


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