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Double Dragon Is Ass Kicking Its Way Onto The iOS

Lots of games are getting made over and redone and re-released on newer gaming devices. Nothing at all wrong with that. Bringing a CLASSIC such as Double Dragon back is genius. On that note, Double Dragon will be back this March on the Apple iOS devices. And it is totally redone and looking new and fancy, but still keeping its 2D side scrolling roots.

Billy and Jimmy are back, and it’s up to them to save Marian from the Black Warriors. What do they want? They want the Sousetsuken scrolls for Marian, or Marian will be killed. Well Billy and Jimmy don’t see it that way. They plan on keeping the scrolls and getting Marian back. Screens and features past the break.

Double Dragon iPhone Key Features

* Double Dragon for a New Age
Double Dragon iPhone has been completely reborn with new remixed music and all new art and character sprites.

* All New Double Dragon Experience
With new attacks, enemies, bosses, and even achievements and hidden characters to unlock, Double Dragon iPhone is nothing short of a new Double Dragon experience.

* Easy Combo and Control Scheme
With an easy to use on-screen controller and combo system, you’ll be ready to take on an entire horde of thugs in no time!

* Bluetooth Multiplayer
Team up with a friend via Bluetooth in Double Dragon Mode and take to the mean streets together.



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