Your Mom Sucks At Dead Space 2 Multiplayer - Bloody Disgusting
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Your Mom Sucks At Dead Space 2 Multiplayer



Well, your mom might actually rock at the game, mine however, does not. After taking a bit of heat from moms across the world for the Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2 ad campaign, EA’s switched gears a bit and changed the message to Your mom is bad at the game. That should ruffle a few less feathers.

My favorite line? “I’m pissed off now, too many of them little babies.” Yeah, I completely agree. When most games shy away from harming children Dead Space 2 throws exploding infants, tentacle-armed babies and what look like toddlers with massive claws at you. That’s three flavors of badass baby kickassery, and that’s one of the many reasons Dead Space 2 rocks my socks.


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