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Gears Of War 3 Multiplayer Screens Are So Beautiful I Could Cry

Gears Of War 3. What can I say besides, I would punch a baby to get this game right now. This game is it. The nexus of my multiplayer world, Gears 3 is going to blow my face off with awesomeness. Horde mode is back and more improved. They will introduce Beast Mode, which is basically reverse Horde Mode. You will assume the roles of the Locust, as they take on wave after wave of humans.

The 3rd game will bring close to the amazing trilogy, and the lack in COG soldiers brings forth the female characters that will fight alongside the men in the 3rd chapter. Familiar face Anya will be one of those ladies, alongside 2 other women playable characters. Also series faves Marcus and Dom will return as your 2 main heroes, and their good friends Cole and Baird. We will also see another Carmine brother, and even more selectable male characters for the 4 player co-op story line, and the multiplayers and horde modes. More past the break.

Enthralling cinematic story. Experience the epic finale to the “Gears of War” trilogy and fight alongside Delta Squad to rescue humanity. Play solo or with up to three friends cooperatively through the campaign on Xbox LIVE, and discover the fate of Marcus and his surviving comrades in this immersive and emotionally charged story.1
Unparalleled gameplay. “Gears of War 3” builds upon the series’ genre-defining third-person shooter gameplay and captivates players in an intimately intense action game. The latest chapter in the saga introduces new playable male and female COG characters and fresh challenges with ferocious new enemies.
Explosive multiplayer action. One of the definitive multiplayer experiences on Xbox LIVE, “Gears of War 3” features new cooperative and competitive multiplayer experiences for veteran players and rookies alike.2
Four Player Campaign Co-op. Featuring multiple playable characters, including female Gears, the introduction of the four player cooperative campaign mode brings Delta Squad to life. Players and their buddies can fight as brothers-in-arms against the monstrous Locust and Lambent threats in a desperate bid to save humanity.
Beast mode. Introducing a new five player cooperative multiplayer experience in the “Gears” saga, Beast mode lets players assume the role of the Locust army, taking on waves of humans (including Marcus, Dom and the rest of Delta Squad). With up to four friends on Xbox LIVE, the goal is to wipe out the ground walkers who advance with increasing strength and ruthless force.
Horde mode. Evolving the cooperative multiplayer mode pioneered in the previous title, Horde in “Gears of War 3” will feature more gameplay upgrades and distinct new challenges as players work together to take on wave after wave of Locust enemies.
Competitive multiplayer. The award-winning multiplayer experience continues with new maps and game types that will bring the competition to a whole new level.
Amazing visuals. “Gears of War 3” pushes the envelope for stunning visuals on Xbox 360. Through the latest advances in Unreal Engine 3 technology, the game delivers improved graphics, animation and lighting that immerse players in the destroyed beauty of the rich environments.

Gears Of War 3 will be available on the Xbox 360 on September 20th, 2011.



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