French PlayStation Magazine Teases New Resident Evil: Outbreak Game - Bloody Disgusting
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French PlayStation Magazine Teases New Resident Evil: Outbreak Game



Could we finally be getting a third game in the Outbreak series? No confirmation yet but the French issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine is using promo art from the original Resident Evil: Outbreak on their cover. I sincerely hope this is the case. As an example of good timing it just so happens that Resident Evil’s 15th anniversary is coming up on March 22nd and that would be a perfect time to unveil such a long anticipated sequel.

Back in November we reported on SOCOM developer Slant Six’s supposed involvement with a multiplayer centric Resident Evil game codenamed Resident Evil: Raccoon City. And in case you were wondering, the big bold text on the cover translates to Guaranteed Chills! So is a chilling new Outbreak game something you’d like to see or is this a series that shouldn’t get reanimated? I am well aware of the spinoff series’ flaws but I think it would be a smart move for Capcom to try and take a slice of Valve’s cooperative zombie game pie. If the cooperative features in Resident Evil 5 and Dead Rising 2 are anything to go by, they seem to have realized multiplayer’s potential in the zombie market.

The thought of another cooperative zombie game is more than a little exciting, especially one that brings the straying Resident Evil franchise back to its roots.

There’s also the fact that I’d very much like to visit Raccoon City again.


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