Verified Authentic ‘Dawn of the Dead’ Review!

After much speculation on the first review we posted for Universal’s remake of Dawn of the Dead, I decided it would be best to hold off on this review until I had some confirmation that it’s the real deal. So far so good, not one person has discredited the following review (I’ve check with three sources)! So without further a due, Bloody-Disgusting’s second review for the remake of the classic George Romero flick Dawn of the Dead, filled with major spoilers, so BEWARE…
I was informed today by “Francis is Gone Forever” that he infact wrote the following review over at the Spawn Messege Board, so to whomever “Idied” is, thanks for stealing HIS review! Read it below, or follow the link to read it in its original context. BEWARE of MAJOR SPOILERS:

“Well, it starts out pretty much like that preview you’ve all seen. It’s got an interesting look, far as lighting goes. Then it goes into introducing the normals, getting to see how happy they are… before; then everyone falls asleep.

I’m not going to go into the scene with the little girl, let’s just say, uh… are friggin scary. So the mom (or girl next door?) escapes and heads to the mall in this trippy sequence where you get to see everything Romero didn’t have the money for. Everything has gone to hell. There’s a good bit between the mall and the nurse getting there I won’t spoil, (I think for sure it’ll be edited out when finally released, because it’s… it’s really just wrong.) but note to all people who have infants: THEY’RE BITE SIZE, ROLL UP YOUR WINDOWS!!!

So, at the mall, you’re introduced to the rest of the cast and what follows is a film that seems almost as if someone who spent years watching the original created it. The FX are tip-top, Ving Rhames is the man. There’s a lot of speculation on why the zombies are coming to the mall playing on Romero’s comment on consumer-culture and “they’re us and we’re them” theme.

Then there’s a bit of mild exposition via the NEWS!! And guess what? There’s ACTUAL NEWS! No ranting and raving eye-patch man who keeps arguing on and on about how “THE DEAD MUST BE KILLED!” There’s actual news, with actual information, which is actually helpful and actually kinda creepy, a little piece of the huge crisis is what you get.

If you recall, the zombies from the original flick were not very scary. They were mindless, stupid and easily killed. If there wasn’t fifty or more, you could easily shoot or shove your way out without getting bitten. The zombies in this flick, while not well coordinated at all, are pretty fast and brutally strong. They will f**k you up. That’s something that’s been missing from zombie flicks, SCARY ZOMBIES.

From there, it’s just one thing after another and after countless encounters and failures to keep the Dead out of the mall, you begin to realize that taking refuge in one of these places really isn’t the best idea. The fight scenes are very well edited and the ending… isn’t what I expected… at all.

You probably want to know about the infamous ‘baby’ scene, but I won’t say anything that wasn’t alluded to in the trailer. I’d just advise pregnant women not to see this flick.

There are about, well I lost count at thirty-three, head shots and all kinds of gore. MASSIVE GORE, it’s everywhere. (I expect cutting here too.) Top all that off with a pretty decent story, some pretty believable characters and four different and great set pieces and you’ve got a first rate zombie flick that’s actually not a total destruction of its original.

When you boil the idea of the dead coming back to life down to the sum of it’s parts, you get a disaster flick. A bloody, disgusting and kinda spooky disaster flick, but still, it’s a disaster/survival flick. This is about the end of the world and this flick hammers the message home with every scene. I can’t wait to see this again without the temp music. I know for sure that this one scene couldn’t possibly have been scored with the sad music from “Daredevil”. So it was a great flick, the zombie flick I’ve always wanted to see.

Source: Francis is Gone Forever