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Let’s Get Real Personal With the Enemies of Alice: Madness Returns

Come June we’ll finally get another taste of the sweet, sweet nectar that is the wonderfully depraved Alice: Madness Returns. From what we’ve seen of the game so far it’s looking rather fantastic. If you’re still not sold on the game’s unique take on the classic Alice in Wonderland tale, these in-depth looks at two of the game’s main baddies, the Executioner and the Card Guards, might help win you over a bit.

After the jump we have some screenshots, concept art and character profiles for two of the game’s antagonists. The Executioner is aptly named as he lumbers over the battlefield armed with an incredibly intimidating scythe, and for some reason I’m finding the Card Guards oddly adorable. Head past the break so we can get intimate with these baddies.

Card Guards

Without weapons, the Queen’s reckless guards aren’t much more than “fodder,” in a fight. They were never really good with their hands; but this current bout of clawing demands caution. There are so many of them! And they’re eager to give up their lives. Even dead, their corpora delecti and remnants can cause a problem.

These guys are the grunts of the Queen’s army, they’ll come at you in waves, relentlessly chipping away at your health until you just can’t take any more. They don’t care about themselves as their sole purpose is to take your ass down.

Armored Card Guards

Similar to their armor-less bretheren, these Card Guards should never be underestimated. They’re just as relentless as their weaker siblings but they can actually hold their own in battle.

The wicked staff they carry makes them dangerous, but ponderous. Still, were their weapon to hit its target, they wouldn’t need speed to deliver the coup de grace.

The Executioner

With less intelligence and imagination than a wind-up toy, this brute does the bidding of the Queen. Her creature, its orders out of date, is certain to fall hard—when he falls. But until then, he’s so much more than a heartache.

The Executioner isn’t one to be trifled with. He’s mean, dumb and stronger than ten retarded chimpanzees (and that’s equal to roughly one superhero). Plus, he’s armed with a scythe, which is arguably the scariest melee weapon out there with the possible exception of a pillow sack filled with small mammals.

Alice: Madness Returns releases on June 14th for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.



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