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Dead Space 2 Almost Made it to the Wii

It would seem EA had planned to strategically dismember the Wii with a port of Dead Space 2 before realizing that was a terrible idea and cancelling the project. I’m all for giving as many people the chance to play the game as possible but horror games have done poorly on Nintendo’s console in the past regardless of their quality. Extraction was a fantastic game that did well critically but failed miserably when it came to sales. I’m sure Dead Space 2 would’ve fared better, but probably not by too much.

This news comes from EA designer Gerry Sakkas and freelance developer Matt Spriggens’ LinkedIn pages, where it and a sequel to The Simpsons Game were listed on their profiles. I can’t say I’m surprised or terribly saddened to hear we won’t be seeing either of these games, are you? News via Destructoid.



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