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WoW Player Reaches Level 85 the Peaceful Way

When I stumbled across this I immediately decided it was newsworthy, but I honestly can’t decide whether I think it’s interesting because it showcases a certain individual’s ironclad diligence or because it saddens me deeply. On one hand this is a pretty incredible feat, or at least I think it is as I seem to be one of about five people who never actually played World of WarCraft. On the other hand, I can’t imagine how much time it took to do something like this. All the hours spent sitting at a computer, clicking away and turning WoW into more of an endurance test than a game.

First, why don’t I take a second to fill you in so you can decide whether this is a big win or a depressing look at one gamer’s social life. So there’s this Night Elf Druid who likes gathering resources on the Feathermoon server. Sounds innocent enough, until you find out that this specific Night Elf reached level 85 exclusively by gathering resources. No completing quests, killing monsters, or getting married (I’m assuming those are the major things players do in WoW). The official WoW magazine even gave the player a congratulatory shout out on Twitter. Now who doesn’t read this story and instantly think of Make Love, Not WarCraft?



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