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Let’s Take a Look at the Monsters of Torchlight II



Torchlight was well worth the wait for it to make its way to the Xbox 360 and after its critical and commercial success the chances of its sequel doing the same are looking pretty good. Runic isn’t content to simply improve on some of the issues the original had, instead, they’re going to be adding some major features to the game. Some of the confirmed additions include co-op (likely to be between 2-4 players), improved character customization, four character classes (Torchlight had three), multiple hub towns and a much longer campaign.

Since a dungeon crawler is only as good as the monsters you’ll be spending most of your time slaying it’s important for them to be pretty damn cool. As we wait for Torchlight 2’s big reveal at E3 this summer here’s a look at six of the potentially dozens of monsters we’ll be stabbing, bisecting, incinerating, poisoning, freezing and electrocuting when the game releases sometime later this year. You can find detailed descriptions of each of these monsters on the game’s official page.


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