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Dead Pixels Podcast Returns!

We as usual have been gone way too long. But in an attempt to make things right, my podcast partner Kiel and I have decided to switch things up a little. We are going to start doing smaller, and more random casts. Take for instance our latest one which you can download now or listen to below. We made a trip to get something to eat, and for the ride there and back, we recorded in the car. A little Dead Pixels For The Ride.

In this cast however we did not discuss video games, but you’d be interested to see how everything went. Don’t despair however, we will not be straying from out video game roots. We will also be recording more video game related podcasts. But we decided in order to bring you guys more of our sexy voices, to start taking the computer and mic with us when we make car trips and when we are having excellent conversations. PLEASE let us know what you think, if you love it, hate it, want more, less. Cause we give it how you want it. Pun intended.



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