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Monthly Freebies: Because We Love You

There’s something you should know. This is hard for us to admit but we’ve been holding something back for a while. In fact, we’ve held it in for so long that we just can’t hide it anymore. Ready? Alright, here it is: we fucking love you. There, it’s out there. To show our affection for the people that keep us going, the guys and gals that put a smile on our face and the readers that we fantasize about each and every night before we go to sleep, we’re going to start handing out little rewards to random people. “What do I have to do,” You ask? It’s pretty simple actually.

To have a chance at winning whatever it is we’re giving out at the time what you need to do is just be yourself. At the end of each month we’re going to start picking out commenters on our articles to give away free things to. The more you participate in the Dead Pixels section only improves your chances of winning. Now, if you think posting a dozen pointless comments is going to up your chances I’ll spoil it right now by saying it won’t. We’re picking comments that interest us and the they can’t be negative toward others. Head past the break to see what we’re giving away this month. This month I have two download tokens for a couple of Mortal Kombat outfits for your Xbox 360 avatar. That means at the end of the month there we will be picking two comments posted during the month of April and the two winners will get these tokens of our undying love and affection. Just to be clear, this isn’t a contest and you don’t have to comment on this specific article to have a chance to win: every comment for the month of April will be considered, so long as they’re not slathered in hate or say things like “FIRST!” because we don’t like that too much. Hitler said “FIRST!” a lot and you don’t want to be like him, right?

So that’s it. Now get to commenting, or else.



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