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Dead Rising 2 Expansions Are Half-Off This Week



Until May 2nd XBLA is offering Dead Rising content for a fraction of their original prices. Case Zero, a short prequel to Dead Rising 2 that includes a taste of what you can expect in the full game has dropped to 200 Microsoft Undead Poultry Points, Case West for 400 and the Psycho and Soldier costumes are now at 80 points. They’re practically giving them away people! If you have yet to check out the Dead Rising 2 expansions they’re both pretty good, just remember that while Case Zero is exclusively single-player, Case West brings in Frank West for a more social experience. The deal ends on May 2nd.

But that’s not all, oh H-E-double hockey stick no it’s not. When the Dead Rising deal ends a Castlevania-centric one will take its place. Think of it like the circle of life – when you die someone younger and more talented will replace you. I’m not saying Castlevania is better than Dead Rising and it’s definitely not younger, but you get the idea. Head past the break for next week’s deals, just make sure you’re ready to save some goddamned money! From May 3rd to May 9th Microsoft has slashed the prices of Symphony of the Night to 400 points and Harmony of Despair to 600. For the latter the sales continue as the prices for Harmony of Despair’s extra stages also drop.

Lord of Flies and The One Who Is Many drop to 160 points
The Legend of Fuma and Origins drop to 120 points
Beauty, Desire, Situation Dire drop to 200 points

With all the money you’ll save you can go get Mortal Kombat, I hear it rocks pretty hard.


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