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Take A Gander At Some Art From the Canceled World War Z Game



Not only is Max Brooks’ World War Z one of my favorite books I’ve had the pleasure of reading in the last handful of years but it’s also one of the best, and most original takes on the heavily wrung out zombie genre. The film adaptation has been having a little trouble but it would seem there was also a video game concept being thrown around as well. Sadly, the game never got past the concept stages but that doesn’t mean we can’t stare at all the fantastic art work for the game while wondering what could’ve been, right?

Back in January we reported on another cancelled horror title Midway was planning, called Day to Night. That game sounded pretty interesting but a World War Z game sounds infinitely more badass. The idea to make a game based on Brooks’ zombie epic came from Cumron Ashtiani, who now works at Atomhawk, and the incredible art you can gaze upon past the jump is the work of Pete Thompson and Corlen Kruger. Ashtiani and his team went on to pitch the game to Midway in hopes of getting it picked up but they ended up deciding that Necessary Force would be the studio’s next project. Unfortunately, that game was also cancelled when Midway went under.

Looking at the art I can’t help but feel a powerful wave of sadness thinking about how amazing a World War Z game could’ve been.


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