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Playstation Network HACKED!

For those who don’t already know, a little over a week ago the Playstation Network was hacked. What does that mean for you? Well the hackers now have all of your information. Whatever payment device you use to make your PSN purchases, your name, address, all that good stuff. They now have it.

So, keep an eye on that credit or debit card, maybe even consider canceling it, or asking for a card number change. Sony is now (finally) deciding to beef up their security. You can read about it HERE, and look below the article in the “see also” area for connecting articles. (A QUICK UPDATE FROM THE SEXY ADAM DODD) While our personal info was taken when PSN was hacked, all credit card info was encrypted. So while it’s still possible for hackers to find a way to get it, you probably don’t need to cancel your cards.



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