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The Brain Eaters Bible, Everything A Zombie Needs To Know About Killing You

Mad TV’s PAT KILBANE along with Zentro Media have sided WITH zombies. They went ahead and created a manual FOR the living/walking dead! Finally! It’s about time those worthless sacks of dead flesh knew what they were up against. Kilbane got the idea for The Brain Eater’s Bible while shooting the 2008 film Day of the Dead in which he plays a scientist who becomes a zombie. “I loved picturing the world through cloudy, undead eyes,” Kilbane says. “With this project I can deeply explore that point of view and share it with fellow zombie enthusiasts.”

Pat has been a life long horror and sci-fi fan, which is great fuel and drive to make this book the best possible. And he really did his research. Going out at night, feeding on the living…..wait, I lost my train of thought. “The Brain Eater’s Bible app brings the zombie world to life,” Kilbane says. “The interactivity and video capabilities of the iPad are amazing. When you combine that with high-end makeup effects, it’s as close as horror fans can get to a zombie apocalypse without being eaten.” More info and screens past the break!
The bible is written from a zombies point of a view, explaining man hunting, brain eating, and zombie anatomy to the rest of the zombies out there. Even better the app features creature design by Emmy-winning effects expert Dean C. Jones (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Toolbox Murders). Pat also spoke to a sniper, a brain surgeon, paramedics, immunologists, martial arts professionals, and more it get specific information for the bible.

The Brain Eater’s Bible app includes:

· The 160-page full-color e-book
· 18 videos from zombie author J.D. McGhoul, giving tips on everything from self-esteem to self-defense.
· An interactive 3D model of the skull, showing where to best access the brain.
· Hundreds of zoomable and interactive photos illustrating zombie science, psychology and survival techniques.
· Scrollable zombie martial arts sequences.
· Animated schematics showing how to ambush human prey.
· McGhoul’s “notebook entries” with bonus commentary for almost every page of the book.
· Animations of the zombie virus attacking human cells

You can download The Brain Eaters Bible App right now for the iPad for $7.99, but the price will not stay that price forever. So get it before all your dead limbs rot and fall off! You can also buy an actual hard cover version of the book right from



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